Leave no seat behind

Who are we?

Activiter is a start up founded in Hawaii by two experienced travel and tourism industry entrepreneurs who identified a need for tour & activity providers to fill their empty seats.    

We know it is ideal for tour providers to sell their inventory weeks ahead of time but reality shows us this is not always the case.  Activiter is here to help fill seats that would otherwise go unsold and pass the savings along to the consumer.

What does activiter do?

Activiter promotes your unsold inventory to an audience of spontaneous decision makers.  Activiter's MOBILE ONLY platform delivers your immediate activities (today/tomorrow) to this on-demand audience. Customers are 4 clicks from purchase and can take less than 30 seconds from start-to-finish.

Customers use the app to see availability of tours and book directly in the app.  Customers and providers each receive a confirmation email from Activiter upon receipt of sale.  Customers present that along with photo ID at check-in.

How Does it work?

Tour providers give us inventory they would like to sell 24-48 hours ahead of time.  The net rate is set by tour providers. 

Activiter incentivizes activity providers to offer the best price by showcasing the deepest discounts more prominently than others in your geographic area.  

How Are payments processed?

We use Paypal to securely process all payments from consumers.

Every 30 days we send you a check along with a receipt detailing each seat sold during that period.  We take out commission, taxes and payment processing fees. Your net rate net changes, period.



Want to know more?

Call (424) 532-0003