Activiter Sub-processors

Below is a list of Sub Processors Activiter uses. As stated in the Addendum to the terms of service here, it is incumbent upon the Controller to periodically check this page and inform Activiter in writing of any objections to the use of the subprocessors.

Mixpanel – Activiter uses Mixpanel for client-side event tracking in order to analyze conversion performance for clients.

Optimizely – Activiter uses Optimizely for A/B testing to improve conversion performance for our clients.

Stripe – Activiter uses Stripe for credit card processing and other financial services.

Runscope, New Relic – Activiter uses Runscope, New Relic to analyze API errors.

CardFlight – Activiter uses Cardflight for MSR credit card processing.

Payworks – Activiter uses Payworks for EMV credit card processing.

SendGrid – Activiter uses SendGrid for transactional email distribution.

Twilio – Activiter uses Twilio for transactional SMS distribution.

Google Analytics – Activiter uses Google Analytics for page view tracking and e-commerce tracking in order to provide performance analyses to our clients.