Sell ‘Ike, Not ‘Āina

Sell ‘Ike, Not ‘Āina

Let's take a moment to go back to 2015, the year Activiter was founded, when there was very limited connectivity. The industry was dominated by phone calls and block bookings. We had a vision of a future where each tour operator chose a reservations tool that aligned with their workflow and helped their business thrive.

Unfortunately, that vision did not become a reality. Instead, we find ourselves in a world - one that is all too familiar to Hawaii - characterized by monopoly and greed. Tour operators are afraid of the reservation system they rely on and have no other options. Those who dare to challenge the status quo risk their livelihoods. We have been stuck in this digital plantation for far too long. But now, a new day has come.

We believe:

  1. A rising tide lifts all boats
  2. Openness is better than isolation
  3. Experiences drive loyalty

Activiter is the result of years of market research, decades of concierge experience, and significant investment in what could be. An alumni of Blue Startups (cohort 7), it develops the best-in-class point of sale (POS) for tours and activities wholesalers. As one of the lucky few native Hawaiian founded technology companies, it is our mission: sell ‘ike (intellectual property), not ʻāina (land).


January 5, 2024