Tours, Saving You Time

We save you time managing tours. Making it easy for you to sell.

Tools for the future concierge service

Activiter provides your organization all the tools you need to delight customers, save admin overhead, expand touch points and drive profits.

Web based point of sale

Intuitive user interface

Supports agent/concierge interactions

Up and running in days

Legacy view

Desks & Locations

Products, rates and commissions


Users permissions


Save admin overhead

Turnkey fulfillment network

Best rate payment processing

Focus on service differentiator

Includes insurance coverage***

Set Up

One-on-one dedicated service


In-person agent training & knowledge base


Multiple channels
responding 7 days a week

Point of Sale

Supports guest and agent interactions.  Web-based system allows for advanced advanced payments options.


Utilize on-prem assets like cabana, luau or scheduled classes.


Open API with connections to: PMS, Distribution, Reservations, and reporting systems.

Desks & Sites

White label locations and sales desks easily. Configure styling product management, user access and reporting.


Provide guests with print and mobile tickets or vouchers for groups of any size.

Gift Cards

Customizable gift cards let you offer digital gifts of specific events or stored values while protecting your bottom line from refunds.

User Permissions

Create user accounts with security groups, permission levels, reporting, activity logging, and much more.


Get detailed, customizable reports on every aspect of your business, and have them delivered to the right team on schedule.


Unlimited splitting across many payment types and options.  Secure payments powered by Stripe.

Itinerary Calendar

Display an entire itinerary in a calendar layout with start and end times.  Visualize an entire week at a time.


Compare up to three products side by side to help decide.

Legacy View

For the seasoned concierge, the "F-6" function as its known. A list view that only requires the keyboard to navigate.

Ready to drive revenue?

Trusted by wholesalers and hotels alike

“Activiter converts much higher for our websites."

Mark Klashka,
Pleasant Holidays VP & Managing Director

Frequently asked questions

Reach out if you have others.
Why use Activiter?

1. Expand touchpoints
2. Increase market share
3. Save admin overhead
4. Delight clients

You operate a complex activities business and need a point of sale that expands revenue opportunities while decreasing admin overhead.

How much does it cost?

We offer flexible pricing to match your business.

Do you have an API?

You've come to the right place.  Sign up here to get access through our self-service API.

Is this better than anything you've tried?

What you use now either:
• limits who you can sell
• steps in front of your brand
• feels like it was built in the 80's

(nothing against Back to the Future)

Do you offer fulfillment?

Short answer: yes! Why would you choose to use it over managing contracts in-house?

Short answer: you can make more by outsourcing! Long answer, see below.

Why shouldn't I operate my own?

These days its hard to even get rates from vendors, everyone is so busy and don't need resellers like they did pre-covid.

In addition to access, we've tackled all the hard issues for you, including: state licensing, insurance premiums, vendor contracting, credit applications, POS selection, system subscription, product admin, training, fulfillment, payment processing, cashflow management, accounting, financial reports, accounts payable, tax liability....

Or sign up and start earning today!

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