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Activiter enables travel networks to power their own experiences

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“...converts much higher for our websites."

Mark Klashka, Pleasant Holidays
VP & Managing Director

Connected Experiences Engine

Experiences are the reason people travel. Servicing them is such a pain that travel networks and hospitality companies rely on competitors. Activiter enables brands to power their own experiences profitably.


Activiter is non-competitive and unlike existing software owned by large OTAs, it respects your guest data.


Real-time availability and confirmations from 100's of supplier systems. Integrates with PMS, CRM and business tools.


Take advantage of turnkey contracts with 1000's of products, manage your own vendors or a take hybrid approach.

Frequently asked questions

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Why use Activiter?

1. Use Activiter if you see the value of offering tours and activities to your guests, but don't want another job to do.

2. Or you operate a complex activities business and want a POS that expands revenue opportunities while decreasing admin overhead.

Do I earn commission?

You earn commission on everything sold each month.

Plan to sell more than $10k/mo? Commissions are higher on paid plans and eligible for bonus tiers.

Do you have an API?

You've come to the right place.  Sign up here to get access through our self-service API.

Is this better than anything you've tried?

What you use now either:
• limits who you can sell
• steps in front of your brand
• feels like it was built in the 80's

(nothing against Back to the Future)

Why's it important to be covered?

If someone stubs their toe you're not liable. Rest assured fulfillment is backed by the largest agencies in the world.

If there's a rainout, cancellation, partial refund, unhappy guest...you don't need to worry.

Why shouldn't I start my service from scratch?

With so many pieces to get in place, we've tackled all the hard issues for you, including: state licensing, insurance premiums, vendor contracting, credit applications, POS selection, system subscription, product admin, training, fulfillment, payment processing, cashflow management, accounting, financial reports, accounts payable, tax liability....

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Simple Pricing

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Save at least 10%




Commissions included

Activiter branded site

Turnkey marketplace

100% Insured vendors

Track your success



Per month

All of the Solo features and...

Curate your marketplace

Manage vendor contracts

1-on-1 Set up & training

Call center support

Your own whitelabel site

30 day free trial



Per month

All of the Reseller features and...

Manage whitelabel sites

Bring your own vendors

Hybrid marketplace

Call center support

Gift cards

30 day free trial



Per month

All of the Reseller features and...

Full service activities P.O.S.

Up to 5 white label sites

Your contracts or ours

Contract changeover service

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